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Have you recently started working from home? You must have realized that it isn’t as EASY as it sounds. You must be facing a lot of obstacles that make it difficult to balance your personal and professional life. Since you’re going through a lot already, a slow laptop isn’t something you have time for! Do you?

A lot of freelancers, digital nomads, and consultants have been working from home for a significant part of their careers. Be it the tech, business, creative, media sector, or even education, etc. you shall find a lot of people who earn their bread and butter working remotely.

A laptop that’s best suited for remote working can help the smoothly complete your work. Not only does it help you adjust in a home-based work environment, but it also ensures that you do not lose any key technological aspects essential to your work when you decide to interact with the company.

Factors like RAM, internal storage capacity, processor speed, GPU support, battery life, updates, system protection, and the price points become a lot more important than you can think because each aspect impacts your work dynamic, directly or indirectly.

 affordable laptops for working from home

Whether you’ve just begun working from home or have been working remotely for a large part of your careers already, the laptops in this list will surely support you in your homebound work routine, taking budget, system requirements, nature of work, etc. into consideration.

Minimum & Recommended System Requirements

Although, resources such as CPU, RAM, GPU, Battery, etc requirements changes based on the type of work. For instance, a writer might just want a laptop that can run a word processor but a freelance data scientist might want a machine that comes with better CPU, RAM, GPU, and SSD storage to be able to run high-end machine learning software.

Here’s a list of the minimum and recommended system requirements one must consider to make an informed buying decision and ensure that the system does not face any lag, heating issue or more while they are in the middle of a video conference call or writing program or

Minimum System Requirements Recommended System Requirements
CPU Intel Core i3 Intel Core i7
Storage 128GB SSD or 500GB HDD 256GB SSD or better
Display 12 inches HD 15 inches FHD (with Touchscreen)
OS Windows 8 / macOS X Mojave Windows 10 / macOS Mojave
Battery At least 5 hours Up to 8 hours

Best Laptops For Working From Home or Remotely

Whether you perform CPU intensive tasks, memory-intensive tasks, or tasks that require high graphics, or even tasks that require a combination of all the resources mentioned above. Our list includes the best-rated laptops that are highly suitable for remote working or working from home.

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